Third Annual Custom Prom Dress Giveaway - Adrienne M Nixon
Adrienne M Nixon Fashion Designer Birmingham Alabama
Adrienne M Nixon Fashion Designer Birmingham Alabama
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Custom Prom Dress Giveaway

Third Annual Custom Prom Dress Giveaway

HEYYYYY YALLLLLLLL!! Did ya miss me!? LOL I know you did ’cause you blew my email up lol. I missed y’all too!

Can you BELIVE it’s that time of year again? I have been super busy prepping for 2017. I am SO excited because 2017 IS GOING TO BE LIT! **Insert fire emoji**

I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy this. Not only do I enjoy it but the recipient and their family do as well. I truly the recipient like they are my own child. All they have to do is wake up on prom day and I handle the rest.

There is a LOT of work that goes into custom clothing. There is even more work that goes into a custom gown. This Custom Prom Dress Giveaway is for a Senior girl who attends either Birmingham City or Jefferson County School.

Below are the requirements:

The Details:

  • EMAIL ALL INFORMATION TO with PROM DRESS NOMINEE 2017 in the subject line.
  • Must attend a Birmingham City or Jefferson County School
  • Name of School.
  • Tentative Date for Prom.
  • Must be a graduating female senior.
  • Nominee current GPA?
  • Why did you decide on this nominee?
  • Which clubs/organizations do they belong to?
  • What are your nominee’s plans after graduation?
  • ALL contact information. Social Media if applicable.
  • Please attach a picture of your nominee.

Here is a link to our recipient last year Richelle:

Richelle currently attends Alabama A&M University.

And here is a link to our very first recipient Joi:

Joi is enrolled at The University of Alabama.

These will ALWAYS be my girls lol.

Please share this blog post with anyone in the Birmingham or Jefferson County School System. So excited to be a blessing to someone!



  • Dara/ 06.12.2016Reply

    Adrienne, this is “SEW” very nice of you! God Bless you and your team for making this happen!

    • admin/ 06.12.2016Reply

      I enjoy this so much! Praying this year is just as successful as the previous two years!

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