Cobalt Blue Dress - Adrienne M Nixon
Cobalt Blue Dress
Cobalt Blue Dress
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cobalt blue dress

Cobalt Blue Dress

Heyyyy people!  Let me start off by saying PROM SEASON IS OVER. I have been sleeping regular hours. Like normal people lol. It’s wondeful. I want to show y’all my cobalt blue dress. 

cobalt blue dress

I love this dress. I had a very special even that I hosted back in March and needed someone equally fabulous and special to wear. I had been planning this event for MONTHS. Like I started in November. So, I had time to figure out what I was going to wear. I didn’t know for sure until maybe 3 days before. Why do I always wait until the 11th hour? lol 

cobalt blue dress

I wanted something that was cute and not too over the top. Y’all know I don’t have a problem being over dressed but I REALLY had to put some thought into it. I had this gorgeous Scuba that I picked up from New York when I was there last year and I knew it would be perfect. Let me tell you what I didn’t know…SCUBA IS HOT lol. It was cold and rainy the day of the event but it was NOT cold inside the venue. My chest was on FIRE lol. 

cobalt blue dress

It really is the perfect twirl dress though. I think I only twirled once that night. Maybe twice lol. 

cobalt blue dress

These shoes are my favorite right now. I need to wear them again. I normally keep my shoes upstairs on the shelves but these are in my bedroom in my closet. They are pretty and make me smile so I keep them close lol. My Sis from Ohio made this happen so for this I say thanks! The shoes are the reason I changed my mind about what I was wearing lol. Shoes are always the game changer for me. EVERYTHING revolves around the shoes. 

cobalt blue dress

I love this shot. I posted it on social media when I first got these pictures back lol. I have the best photographer :)

Alright that’s it for now! I’ll see y’all soon!




Hair: Shunta iStyle Salon (220 Old Towne Rd. Vestavia, AL 35216) 205-423-5525 or 205-516-0067 for

Photography: Tosha Gains

  • Like2Sew/ 06.05.2017Reply

    Beautiful! Be blessed!

  • Tomasa/ 11.05.2017Reply

    Such a beautiful dress. Love that vibrant color. And yes, those shoes are head turners!

    I was wondering whether scuba fabric would feel hot and you have confirmed my suspicion. I have a piece of a beautiful scuba fabric. Maybe a simple little pencil skirt won’t be too hot…

  • Shameka/ 02.07.2017Reply

    This is gorgeous!!!

    • admin/ 14.08.2017Reply

      Thank you!

  • Vanessa/ 14.08.2017Reply

    Adrienne, that dress is so fab! Let me tell you sister, you are headed in the right direction by living your purpose. Sometimes circumstances come to help the enlightened set the gps to getter done. He knows what we need to give us wings to fly high. My purpose was born from so many let downs. Sweep the floors clean, put down a pretty rug and dance sister. Those who use to abuse me watch me soar now. They are watching you soar too! The sky gets clearer the higher you climb 😀

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