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Fitness Journey
Fitness Journey
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fitness journey

My Fitness Journey

I guess it’s about time that I share my fitness journey with you all lol. I don’t know why it’s taken me SO long to get this post out but lets have at it. I normally post my pics on FB but I’ve started to post more on IG. You can click the links on the page to follow along. 

Fitness Journey

When I started this fitness journey I was around 180-ish. There was a very personal reason behind me starting to work out and getting the weight off was not it. 


Once I started I found that I absolutely loved it. I loved the mental clarity. I loved the additional energy. I loved the sweat. I loved learning about Adrienne. I’m still learning about Adrienne.


I didn’t just exercise, I also changed my eating habits. I STILL love food, I just eat a little differently now and I indulge on occasion. 😏


It’s no longer about the weight loss, well ok maybe a little because I do want to see 150-something on the scale lol HOWEVER, it’s about the way it makes me feel. It’s a part of my routine that I hate to miss. I workout everyday except Sunday. I’ll be that person on vacation taking a run on the beach or finding the workout room at the resort. 


Things I’ve noticed during this time:

-Energy is off the charts 

-My mind is super clear. Mental clarity is what’s up. 

-I sleep so well and wake up feeling refreshed. 

– I’ve changed my eating habits so I don’t crave “junk” (cookies, candy, chips) <——I will say I don’t crave it AS MUCH but babbbby when I want something I WANT it. I’m addicted to sugar, but I’m working on that. 

-When I do eat something that’s garbage I FEEL so bad after. It’s not worth it lol. I had a Pepsi (I haven’t had soda in forever) the other day and it gave me the jitters, a horrible headache and it messed my stomach ALL the way up. 

-I have more strength and will power than I ever thought.  And I’m proud of ME.

I am also ADDICTED to work out clothes. You HAVE to look cute when you work out correct? I’m currently in the market for some new sneakers but I’m taking my time looking because they have to be fabulous. 

fitness journey

Listen, I have been off my game since I came back to Mexico. NORMALLY I would work out in the mornings before work. Here lately I have been working out in the evenings. I have to get my schedule back together. I keep a work out bag in my car at ALL times lol.  I work out with my guy most evenings and it’s like a date lol. He pushes me and motivates me like no one else and I’m here for it. I’m sure I’ve encouraged him a few times as well lol

I absolutely LOVE cardio and I’m LEARNING to love the weights. I will stick with it and see what happens. 

Well, I guess that is it for now! 

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