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Adrienne M Nixon Fashion Designer Birmingham Alabama
Adrienne M Nixon Fashion Designer Birmingham Alabama
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How about an update…


How about an update…

Whewww ya’ll!

I sent this out as a newsletter and for those of you who don’t subscribe I decided to just literally copy it and paste it as an update lol. 

I haven’t posted since MAY 2017. *sorry* lol

L I F E Happened. In such a major way. Let’s get caught up…

I moved. AGAIN. At the time, it was the 2nd time in 10 months, but this was SO worth it. 

The move was complete May 27, 2017. That means ALL my stuff was IN my home on that day. I did NOT move in then. Can you say sleeping on your parents sofa for about 3 weeks. BRUH. I’m too old for that and my parents have been living WITHOUT children and grand children for TOO LONG. IT was a HOT MESS!!! LOL

This move would not have happened without my brothers. I have the best brothers in the whole wide world. I promise I do. They look out for me like none other and I appreciate it SO much. Especially during this season of my life. Whew **I will not cry**

LISTEN. I am STILL trying to get settled. My prayer, hope, wish, desire and goal is to be totally settled before January 1, 2018.  I don’t know if that will actually happen but that’s what I WANT. Maybe I should “Write it down and make it happen“. Y’all know that’s one of my favorite books. I need to revisit that one again. 

I still have a whole lot to do. 

I have a makeshift sewing studio that I’m using until my real studio is ready. I can’t WAIT for that. It’s at my home but not IN my home. Best of both worlds. 

The part of my life that I don’t really post about has been less than stellar but the lessons that I have learned made it SO worth it. When I tell you it is SO important that you do things from your heart and live a life of NO REGRETS. I mean that thang baby. I have ZERO regrets. Not only could I see where I was wrong, I also saw where I wasn’t trusting God, where I ignored some things I shouldn’t have and where I settled. When you can SEE who you are and work on it? YOU ARE GOLDEN. I SEE ADRIENNE.  I also had the help of my therapist who is a GOD SEND. No, I am NOT ashamed to say that I have a therapist whom I see OFTEN lol. Y’all better get on someones sofa if you need some help. IT IS WORTH IT. 

Moving on to some business items…

I have something HUGE coming up. It’s really my dream that a dear friend of mine pushed me into. ONE question made me re-think everything. He said, “well what are you waiting for just do it.”  *wallslide*

How simple is that? JUST DO IT. That was the best advice ever because the MOMENT he said that I started thinking differently. Not TWO DAYS LATER I got a call that literally started a chain reaction of events. I can’t announce it JUST yet but I will let y’all know that I need models. ASAP lol. 

Share this info with your friends and co-workers. Anyone who you think would be interested. This is seriously going to be EPIC. The event and the casting will BOTH be in Birmingham, AL. 

Even MORE news…

Can you guys even TAKE anymore?! I have been preparing for ‘Tween/Teen sewing classes & private parties. I get asked about this SO much that I had my first class this past Saturday.  I am SO excited about this. STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO. 


New fall items will be ready soon. Ayyyyyeeeeeee *Cues Bruno Mars That’s What I like.” I’m shooting the new items on the 19th with my FAB photographer Tosha Gaines so you can look for those items soon. I can’t give a date but I will ask her to hurry up! LOL. 

Until then you guys can shop around here:


Later y’all!

  • Dara/ 14.08.2017Reply

    SO HAPPY to hear from you ! Life situations DO sometimes get in the way of our plans! But THANK GOD HIS Plans ARE SOOOO Much BETTER THAN OURS! Jeremiah 29:11. GOD IS GOOD!

    • admin/ 14.09.2017Reply

      Thank you so much Dara!

  • Tonya/ 15.08.2017Reply

    Glad to see you-you’ve been missed. I wish you peace and happiness as you settle and adjust into the new and improved life you are creating.

    • admin/ 14.09.2017Reply

      Thanks so much Tonya!

  • Helen/ 27.08.2017Reply

    Looking forward to whatever’s coming up for you!

    • admin/ 14.09.2017Reply

      HEHEH THanks! I’ll put up a post in a moment lol.

  • Patriia/ 17.09.2017Reply

    Adrienne, I am way behind of what is going on . The last time I remember was a business venture that you were busy with, Stitched 9. Ok, moving forward, I am so happy for you and hope for nothing but the best as you are most certainly deserving of that. I go a ways back with you as some time ago I ordered some wonderful bath salts from your website and I have ordered fabric on Facebook from you. You are a very sharp business woman! Keep smiling and keep looking up to God! Take care!

    • admin/ 07.11.2017Reply

      Awwww thanks so much! Yeah a LOT has happened lol

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