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Adrienne M Nixon Fashion Designer Birmingham Alabama
Adrienne M Nixon Fashion Designer Birmingham Alabama
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Suddenly Single: Being Transparent.

Suddenly Single

Suddenly Single: Being Transparent.

Hey guys! Let’s chit chat a little bit. Once again this will be one of those Transparent posts. 

I am really starting to like doing these because they show me how much progress I’ve made AND they encourage you guys as well. 

Soooooooo… I went back to work full time. Let me tell you why this felt like such a step backwards. 

I never EVER wanted to sew for people. Y’all know how y’all can be. I didn’t want to let people stop me from loving what I do. Folks will make you forget you know Jesus and you KNOW I’m telling the truth. 

Once I FINALLY started I KNEW without a doubt that this was what I was supposed to be doing. Fast forward a couple of years and I had a grand opening for my very own sewing space. Had my name on the window and everything and I was TERRIFIED. It took me about 6 months to even “tell anyone” other than my clients that I actually had a space. Why? Because I was scared. I was scared that it would seem like a failure if for whatever reason I couldn’t keep my space. 

Well in November 2016 I had to let my space go. Let me tell you (part of the reason)why. 

I went back to work full time. While my business was doing great, it wasn’t consistent enough to sustain me and my family and I wasn’t using my space as much anymore. I was literally there MAYBE once a week.  Can I tell you I felt like a FAILURE!? I really mean that. 

It wasn’t until February of 2017 that I start letting my clients know that I was working full time. 

The support has been AMAZING. If I’m honest I have more work now than I did when I wasn’t working full time. There are days when I have to take a PTO day (or two) just to catch up on orders. 

I may not have office space anymore HOWEVER something greater is on the way and I can not WAIT to share it with you all. My clients meet me at a kinda central location where I get their measurements, do fittings and they pick up their garments. Really similar to how I was doing it in the beginning but I’m in ONE location now instead of driving all across the city to meet people. 

On this journey I am learning SO much about myself. I am so much stronger than I EVER realized and I am NOT a failure. I am successful in all that I do and I will CONTINUE to be successful. 

Why am I being so open with you all? I want you know that if you have a dream and you are working full time? YOU CAN STILL DO IT. 

I work 8:30-5  M-F

Just today I three clients. I saw one at 7:30, 8:00, and 8:15 and I was finished in enough time to make a post office run AND be at work on time @ 8am. When I get off at 5:00 I have a client at 5:30 and one at 6:00pm.  It’s a lot but it’s my PASSION so I get it done. 

I still cook because I’m greedy and my kids still have to eat lol. The other day I got up at 4am, cooked dinner, cleaned up my sewing mess from the previous night and started to prep what I needed to sew when I got off work. When I finished all of that it was time for me to leave for work. Is it a lot? YES but there is NO way I’m going to work for someone else for EIGHT hours and let MY dream go. No ma’am. Not today. Not ever. 

I TYPICALLY try to go to bed around 10 or 11pm. I am TYPICALLY up at 5 every morning. I get up at 4am when I need to go buy groceries. I used to HATE Walmart, but now I don’t like stopping ANYWHERE on my way home and Publix isn’t open 24 hours lol. I will go on Saturday morning if there is something I need or send Kayla when she get’s home from school. One of the great benefits to having a kid that drives still at home lol.

So if you are working 8-5 AND working on your dream, keep it up. You aren’t a failure. You ARE successful. It won’t be that way always. This is just a part of my journey. 



  • Carla/ 12.04.2017Reply

    Really great post. Keep living your dream

    • admin/ 12.04.2017Reply

      Thanks girl and ALWAYS!

  • Dara/ 12.04.2017Reply

    I am SO glad to hear what God is doing in your life! Keep trusting Him and ” O the places you’ll go”! Be Blessed!

    • admin/ 13.04.2017Reply

      I will Dara!

  • Wanda/ 12.04.2017Reply

    Keep on keeping on. It’s worth it!

    • admin/ 13.04.2017Reply


  • Sandra/ 13.04.2017Reply

    Awesome post.

    • admin/ 13.04.2017Reply


      • Patricia/ 13.04.2017Reply

        Your story is so awesome! No you’re not a failure and never will be. Many more blessing will come to you!πŸ˜‰

        • admin/ 13.04.2017Reply


  • April/ 13.04.2017Reply

    Thank you so much for writing this post! This gives me hope and inspiration to get my behind in gear!

    • admin/ 13.04.2017Reply

      Get it girl!!

  • Anna Marie/ 13.04.2017Reply

    This has inspired me so… I don’t want to leave my full time job for the most part I like it but I do want to see him for others on the side. However I’m scared of the folks will test you part. So I haven’t yet figured out a way where I will still feel in control
    But you juggle it all gracefully and that’s awesome

    • admin/ 13.04.2017Reply

      It takes a while to get over that fear lol. I have people RIGHT NOW who I will never make anything for again. It doesn’t keep me from doing work for other people. That’s what happens when you are truly passionate about it. One apple won’t spoil the bunch.

  • Shy/ 13.04.2017Reply

    Awesome, so proud of you!

    • admin/ 13.04.2017Reply

      Awww thanks girl!

  • ApriL J./ 13.04.2017Reply

    Awesome! Keep it up Adrienne! I’m inspired! πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ˜€

    • admin/ 13.04.2017Reply

      That’s what it’s all about!

  • Martha/ 13.04.2017Reply

    Hey lady – thanks for sharing – love your work ethic!πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

  • Kenisha S/ 13.04.2017Reply

    So proud of you! You are doing an amazing job! Many blessings! Keep inspiring us!

    • admin/ 13.04.2017Reply

      Thanks so much Kenisha!

  • Nadia/ 13.04.2017Reply

    I am so proud of you!!! Keep going girl!! God has so much planned for you….Love you much!

    • admin/ 13.04.2017Reply

      Love you back!

  • Tarea/ 13.04.2017Reply

    Love it queen! I admire your grind . I’m working as an educator and a real estate consultant/coach ! I always tell people ….. don’t tell me what can’t be done !

    • admin/ 13.04.2017Reply

      I know that’s right! It CAN be done!

  • Ron/ 13.04.2017Reply

    Great testimony, thanks for sharing

  • Tina/ 13.04.2017Reply

    Beautiful testimony & victory … just as you are! Love you my A! We’re overdue a connectπŸ’œ

    • admin/ 13.04.2017Reply

      love you too! YES WE ARE lol

  • Renata/ 13.04.2017Reply

    Awesome post! This just inspired me. I have been thinking about how I was going to balance a full time job with my business, and this grace me some much needed encouragement! Thank you!

    • admin/ 13.04.2017Reply

      So welcome! You can do it!

  • LaRae/ 13.04.2017Reply

    You are indeed an inspiration! Thank you for sharing and being so transparent! God bless you!

    • admin/ 13.04.2017Reply

      Aww thanks and you are welcome!

  • Tanya/ 13.04.2017Reply

    Girl. I had a flashback. That was my life when my kids were growing up. I use to work two jobs, prepare all the meals for the week on Sunday, the crock pot was my best friend and I went back to school to get my degree with all that going on. Women are amazing and trust me God sees you and you will be blessed beyond measure. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

    • admin/ 13.04.2017Reply

      Women ARE amazing! I Love my crock pot and pressure cooker lol

  • Sheila/ 13.04.2017Reply

    Well alright now!! You said something then my sista!! Thanks for sharing your story!! As you know, I’m in a transition period too. There no way I can stop my passion. It’s different now but I must continue to use this gift God gave me β™‘

    • admin/ 13.04.2017Reply

      Yep I know but I also know that GOD GOT YOU!!!

    • admin/ 13.04.2017Reply

      And you still owe me a cake LOL

  • Barbara/ 13.04.2017Reply

    Wow! Reading this is like reading my current life story. The only difference is i wasn’t brave enough to open a space. I’m SO glad you shared this. I launched my first clothing line last month. I got great response but now Im like what next? I feel like it’s crazy to be doing this now. But your story tells me Im not the only one! Thank you!!

    • admin/ 13.04.2017Reply

      You are NOT the only one. Hang in there!

  • Faye Lewis/ 13.04.2017Reply

    If there was a LIKE button here I’d use it. Keep it moving!

    • admin/ 14.04.2017Reply

      AMEN Faye!

  • Alethia/ 13.04.2017Reply

    Excellent post!!

    • admin/ 14.04.2017Reply

      THanks girl! Just sharing as I go.

  • Sharice/ 13.04.2017Reply

    Thanks for sharing. Sometimes we must do what we NEED to do in order to be able to do what we WANT to do.

    • admin/ 14.04.2017Reply


  • Nateida/ 14.04.2017Reply

    Hey lady, how did I miss this post about you going back to Corporate America. I’m soooo proud of you and your transparency is very real and refreshing. You are definitely an inspiration, especially for those of us building our dreams and working a 9 to 5 client (that’s what I call it – lol). Many continued Blessings.

    • admin/ 14.04.2017Reply

      LOL too funny!

  • Debbie/ 14.04.2017Reply

    A failure is one who gives up! You haven’t given up. Keep moving until it happens the way it should.

    Just know you are a true inspiration.

    Your best days are ahead of you.

    Thanks for sharing your story, we need to here it all!

    • admin/ 14.04.2017Reply

      Yes and amen!

  • Mina/ 14.04.2017Reply

    OMG, you are awesome!! Thanks for the inspiration…

  • Jeanine/ 15.04.2017Reply

    I love the Dave Ramsey approach to money.

    I specifically enjoy that it is biblical taught.

    It’s not for everyone, and I know people who both love and hate it.

    Good Luck to you!

    • admin/ 17.04.2017Reply

      Thanks so much!

  • Susan/ 15.04.2017Reply

    You made the best point at the end, this is a journey. No failures just experiences and growth. You have been an amazing inspiration to so many, including myself! Having gone through many ebbs and flows, I came to the realization that life will always be changing, and in order to grow you will change with it. Success is found in your every day willingness to move forward, and you have done just that! I wish much more success to you sis!

    • admin/ 17.04.2017Reply

      Amen!!! Thanks for your kind words!

  • Sonya/ 16.04.2017Reply

    Just to help you out a little, Walmart offers a service where you can order what you need online and you can set a time too pick it up. I work a 9-5 & run a small business too and when I tell you that is the best service ever, it truly is. Trust me, they pick out the best options for you. I absolutely love it. Saves me so much time, especially on those really busy days.

    • admin/ 17.04.2017Reply

      Thanks so much!

  • Cynthia/ 17.04.2017Reply

    Edison made hundreds of attempts at the light bulb and with each attempt he learned something to make him better for the next attempt. We all know because of his tenaciousness we have “light”. To me every “failure” is a success, if you learn!! Stay positive and stay focused as your dream is not far away.

    • admin/ 17.04.2017Reply

      So true! AMEN!!!

  • Kim/ 17.04.2017Reply

    Thank you for this! I too am trying to establish a business while working a full time job and spent many years as a single mom. You are doing great. Thank you for sharing your fears, strategies and successes.

    • admin/ 18.04.2017Reply

      Thank you for the kind words! YOU CAN DO IT!!

  • Anise/ 18.04.2017Reply

    Awesome! Continue to be encouraged to be the best you can be for you and your family. Thanks for sharing.

    • admin/ 18.04.2017Reply

      Thanks so much Anise!

  • Isha Jenkins/ 27.04.2017Reply

    Thank you so much for this Post, it was Truly inspiring. I have always been a big fan and you Are Definitely Not A Failure, following you is a Big Part of my Sewing Today and desiring it to be a business for me. You Are A Winner!!! I have been working on getting myself better organized and strategies to work and follow my dream. This is Helpful to me….

    • admin/ 05.05.2017Reply

      Aww thanks so much for your kind words!

    • Wanda/ 05.05.2017Reply

      NEVER GIVE UP. Being single and with children only means it may take a little longer or you may have to work harder
      Finished my 4-year degree in 3 yrs with 3 children, one of which was born with a disabling condition and had brain surgery during this time; while I worked 3 part-time jobs and a tornado wrecked campus in my next to last term. The college president refused to let us drop classes. I was enrolled in 23 credit hours and the recommended maximum was 17 credit hours! You can do it! I promise.

      • admin/ 05.05.2017Reply

        Thanks so much for your kind words!

  • Shameka/ 02.07.2017Reply

    Adrienne the difficult people are the reason I do not want to sew for others. It is to the point where I may just begin sharing my hobby and. Wing happy if I can help one person.

    • admin/ 14.08.2017Reply

      SHARE IT!

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