Finance: Suddenly Single - Adrienne M Nixon
Suddenly Single. Some of the things that I have learned and the things I am learning on this new journey.
Single Finance
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Suddenly Single

Finance: Suddenly Single

Hey ya’ll! I hope you all are having a really good day! Since I’ve gone through this life change I want to share with you all some of the things I’ve learned and the things I’m currently learning. So join me on this “Suddenly Single” Journey. I’m going to be real transparent and talk a tad bit about finances. 

Most of you guys know I went through a divorce last year and while there were a lot of changes and a lot of adjustments that needed to be made the biggest ones was going from a two income household to one. 


To say I wasn’t prepared is an understatement. I may have been a bit naive but honestly when I got married I didn’t think I would ever be divorced so I never really focused on the finances. Not in THAT way. 

I will say that I am accustomed to budgeting, paying bills and saving.


Yes, I was a stay home mom for about 10 years if not longer and almost four years ago I started my business. That was such a blessing and I took it for granted. Let me just be real. 

For YEARS I wasn’t used to making “my own money”. It felt AMAZING. I was happy but boy oh boy I didn’t treat it right lol. It was splurge, splurge, splurge. Spend, spend, spend. Didn’t think about saving a DIME, because there was another income. 

However, I don’t regret it. Because of those times I now know how to TRULY take care of my money and TRULY save. It is indeed HARD to save when you only have one stream of income.  People will always tell you, “you better pay yourself first.” Listen. That is HARD when you have a power bill that’s due and groceries to buy. That may not be your reality but it’s mine. 

I have gotten SO much better but I do know I have SO much more to learn. Let me tell you about a few services that I have found out about and use now that make saving a little easier for me: 

Dobot -Dobot helps you save by visualizing your goals, and then makes saving easy by automating it. After you connect your checking account, Dobot’s algorithm goes to work analyzing your spending patterns to calculate “safe savings amounts” that ensure you have enough to meet your spending needs while still saving. Every few days, Dobot will move small amounts of money into your Dobot savings. And if you want to add more money, you can transfer funds directly into your Dobot savings whenever you want. It’s that easy.

Qapital– Qapital automates your savings by letting you set up Goals toward the things you want and then save toward them by setting up different saving Rules. The saving Rules trigger transfers from your connected bank to your Qapital account where you can build up your savings.

Digit – To use Digit, you need to connect your checking account. This allows Digit to analyze your income and spending, and find small amounts of money it can safely set aside for you. They use 128-bit bank-level security, and they don’t store your bank login.

The links above are my referral links. Use them. Thanks! LOL

These services make it soooooooooo easy to save. Now I do have money that I move over to my savings account on a weekly basis, but these services are so helpful. The algorithms they use are pretty freaking amazing. Since most of us don’t use cash anyway these round up the spending on your debit card. Genius. If you swipe as much as I do, it adds up SO quick and it has truly been a blessing to me. You never miss it. Like ever and neither of these services will over draw your account. 

I have also been working on my credit. I don’t have bad credit, I just don’t have a lot of it. There was hardly anything in my name. Seriously, like maybe ONE bill lol. There is a Facebook group called Dream Catchers: LIVE RICHER that is WONDERFUL. I have learned SO much about repairing and building credit. I used to be afraid of credit cards. They aren’t anything to be afraid of. They are excellent tools when used correctly. 

What else have I been doing? I have been reading up and dabbling in investments as well. Just a little bit here and there. I started with Acorns and have been enjoying learning about investments. Something I’ve always wanted to learn about but never took the time. Well now I am. 

Let me be clear and say I lack for absolutely NOTHING and all of my needs are met. I even get a lot of what I want but I’m smarter now about my spending and and I’ve taken control of my spending habits. I don’t make spur of the moment purchases anymore. I will think on that thing over night lol. I LITERALLY sleep on it. 

Let me encourage you to take care of your finances. Married or single. Make sure you are saving and paying attention to your money. Learning how to truly live within your means. These are lessons that I’m learning right now. 



  • Alethia/ 09.02.2017Reply

    Awesome information!! Thanks for sharing those links, I will definitely check theme out. I’ll be sure to follow from your references (smiling). Also, I hve really been interested in ivesting, so I definitely want to look into Acorn. Ashamedly, I have am a part of the Dream Catchers group but I have taken it for granted. Thanks for the reminder! Much success to you in all of your endeavors.

    • admin/ 10.02.2017Reply

      Acorn is DOPE! Thanks girl!

  • Rene/ 09.02.2017Reply

    Great tips! I’m currently working on cleaning my credit. Credit cards do scare me so I’m not at that point of getting one… yey

    • admin/ 10.02.2017Reply

      Don’t be afraid. Just use them correctly.

  • Dara/ 09.02.2017Reply

    Well said, Adrienne! Thank you!

  • Tameka/ 10.02.2017Reply

    Awesome information! I am an investor and use automated tools like Stash which is similar to Acorn. But I’ll definitely be checking out some of the tools that you’ve recommended. Thank you!

    • admin/ 10.02.2017Reply

      I’ll have to check out Stash!

  • carla/ 10.02.2017Reply

    I seriously just cried, I didn’t know you divorced. I am also happy that you are good. I am going to try the dobot because I have been out of control

    • admin/ 10.02.2017Reply

      Awww don’t cry. I am indeed good :)

    • admin/ 10.02.2017Reply

      And so are the kids lol

  • Eryn | Style Sew Me/ 10.02.2017Reply

    Thank you for your transparency and also for a very important message of finances! Whether divorce, illness, or death of spouse, going from two incomes to one Im sure is an eye opener.

    • admin/ 10.02.2017Reply

      It is indeed!

  • Muriel/ 10.02.2017Reply

    This is great information! Thanks Adrienne!
    You are an example of a power~player! You exalted and super charged your life at the same time! Stay encouraged! Be blessed!

    • admin/ 10.02.2017Reply

      Awww thanks for your kind words!

  • Jacquelyn/ 10.02.2017Reply

    I know where you are coming from. I have been divorced for 2 yrs. I will look into these financial tools. My spending habits could use some help . Got to learn how to stay out of Jo Ann’s fabric and Michaels……

    • admin/ 10.02.2017Reply

      LOL Staying out of Joann’s is HARD.

  • Rekena Collins/ 10.02.2017Reply

    Great read! Thanks for sharing! May God Bless you richly!!

    Rekena Collins

    • admin/ 10.02.2017Reply

      Thanks Rekena!

  • Angel/ 10.02.2017Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing! I’m going to a finance conference tomorrow.

    • admin/ 10.02.2017Reply

      You should report back what you learn lol

  • Allison/ 10.02.2017Reply

    Thank you for sharing. I can relate. I wanted to know how soon should the mother of the bride be fitted for a dress. My dtr is getting married in September and right now I am in workout/weight loss mode.

  • Gina/ 10.02.2017Reply

    Aw, Adrienne! Happy you are able to be a inspiration for me and so many others! I am going through a rough spot, so shoring up my credit is essential. Thank you for sharing all of it. Hugs.

    • admin/ 10.02.2017Reply

      Welcome girlie!

  • Natosha/ 10.02.2017Reply

    Great information Adrienne!! Is the Facebook group a closed group or can anyone join? I am going to look at acorns!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    • admin/ 10.02.2017Reply

      Anyone can join. It’s a GREAT resource.

  • JeTua Amis5/ 10.02.2017Reply

    I’m sorry to hear about your divorce. I am glad that you are doing well,though.

  • Anita/ 10.02.2017Reply

    Hi Adrienne! Thank you so much for your encouragement and information. What I have taken away from this is that it is crucial to be educated about finances, no matter your status in life. I will check out your links too. God continue to bless you!

  • Isabel/ 10.02.2017Reply

    Your story and your candor has been a confirmation to me as to what I need to do before anything even happens. Life is ever changing and being prepared as best you can sure helps.
    Thanks for the links also. I have work to do.
    All the best to you in your endeavors my dear.

  • Shayla/ 10.02.2017Reply

    Thanks Adrienne for these pointers and links. I needed this reminder and will utilize them.

  • Carmen/ 11.02.2017Reply

    Oh Adrienne, I’m so glad you shared! I am also suddenly single after 19 years and the feeling of financial security or having that financial “backup” left with the second income. I was hesitant about the automated savings systems, but maybe I will try one to help me reach some goals….Thank You! ❤️

  • Barb/ 13.02.2017Reply

    I forgot to include my name on the previous long post sorry

  • Dee/ 13.02.2017Reply


    Thank you so much for being candid and for this great read! I’m married but recently took sick and was without income for about a year, see not only did I mismanage my money but my leave as well. So when I went out sick due to my back, I had no leave. We went from two incomes to one, we went from going out to dinner/shopping anytime we wanted, buying our kids anything and I do mean anything to seeing if we had enough to pay our bills. I’ve always had my own money and to be without was life changing, almost crippling, I literally thought my husband was going to have a heart attack and as a matter of fact he did have a mild one. I went from making 6 figures to none, just like that! It can happen to any of us but the thing is will we be ready financially when it does. My mom would always say “Dee, save for a rainy day” because it will rain on your parade but will you be ready financially to move to plan B, a place where it’s dry when it does.

    I didn’t have a plan B or C when I went out sick and we suffered badly! I said to myself that if we ever get out of this I would do better and I thank GOD for being who he is, it’s only because of him we made it through.

    Today, I can say that after working almost 30 years that retirement is wonderful. I can finally say I’m a stay home mom and it feels amazing. My retirement income is more than enough and I save! GOD is so good that I’m able to save one of my retirement checks without even touching it.

    I wrote on my blog how I’m staying away from buying fabric and patterns for 6 months, when you get a chance please read about it at Thank you so much, any life changing event can be an eye opener, it was for me and my household.

    Dee from BWHAT!
    Bust Waist Hips & Thighs!

  • Sharon/ 14.04.2017Reply

    I remember meeting you in 2014 at Mimi’s sewing conference. I loved your spirit and your bright smile. This made me sad to know you’re divorced but glad to know you’re good. I hadnt seen your posts and was wondering where you were. I’m bee divorced for years and my children are grown with their own families but just taking care of myself is a struggle. I just downloaded Dobot. I hadn’t heard of that one I have Digit and Qapital. I appreciate your transparency. I love seeing your fashions. I appreciate your transparency. I will be retiring in the next 3 years so I am working on my finances. I too am part of the Dream Catchers FB group.

    • admin/ 14.04.2017Reply

      Thanks so much for your kind words! You hang in there!!

  • Jennifer/ 13.07.2017Reply

    Adrienne, thanks so much for sharing the information on finances. I’m deeply sorry to read your single now, but are doing well. As you know, life throws different curves, but it’s how one handles it, we can pull through, and from what I just read you and your kids are doing well. I’ve never heard of any of these companies, but just registered with Acron. I’m always on the hunt for ways to save money, again, thank you!!!! Girl, I’m missing your blogs posts too. I know your schedule is probably a lot more hectic now, due to circumstances. You’re awesome!!

    • admin/ 14.08.2017Reply

      Thank you for your kind words!!

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