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Adrienne M Nixon Fashion Designer Birmingham Alabama
Adrienne M Nixon Fashion Designer Birmingham Alabama
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Happy 2018!

Hey ya’ll!! Can you believe it’s 2018!?

Are you all excited about the new year? I am. I think I am ALWAYS excited though. I do have a few things I want to achieve. Not really resolutions, just some life goals if that makes any sense. Y’all know I stopped making resolutions years ago. 

I think I’ll just be rambling a bit on this post. 

I have been cooking a TON. I have got to get back to sharing my recipes on here again. I have been doing a LOT of vegetarian dishes but they are so good the kids don’t REALLY notice that they don’t contain meat lol. NO, I’m not vegetarian but I don’t eat as much meat as I previously did. Right this very moment I’m craving a steak though. 

Let me tell y’all how much time I’ve been spending in The Home Depot. A LOT lol. When I moved into my new home last May/June I thought it was gonna be this super easy process. HA. I was wrong lol. It has been easy, but it is indeed a process. I’m learning how to take my time and not rush. One room at a time. I secretly can’t wait to re-vamp the kitchen. I LOVE my cabinets but they are WAY too low, so I’m going to keep them and have them raised. I will change out all of the hardware though. I have 52 knobs/handles to buy. That’s a lot lol. I was going to spray paint the handles but uhhhh decided that would be a tad bit bootleg lol. Those handles are expensive lol. 

I have gotten SO lax with my fitness, but that’s ok. My boo-thang Monica said she was going to start calling me in the mornings. I told her to start Monday Jan 8 lol. I’m ready though. Fitness is more mental than anything and if yo mind aint right, then you won’t do what you need to do. Ask me how I know. 

I’m extra excited about having a garden this year. My twin brother was SUPPOSED to get the ground ready for me (well using the tiller) so I could have a fall garden but he didn’t. HUMPH. I bet I’ll have one for the Spring. I have been going to the grocery store LITERALLY everyday because I cook so many things that are fresh. How awesome will it be to go out to my OWN garden (instead of stealing things from my moms) and grab my fresh stuff instead of going to the grocery store? Listen. Heaven on earth. 

Let’s see….last year I went to Mexico. I want to put another stamp on my passport this year. I need to figure that out lol. 

Ok that’s it. I just wanted to come on and wish you guys a Happy New Year! What’s going on new with  you all? 



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