Adrienne M Nixon, LLC. 
Adrienne M Nixon Fashion Designer Birmingham Alabama
Adrienne M Nixon Fashion Designer Birmingham Alabama
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Still need more info? Sure!
I’m a mom of 3 (sometimes) great kids, and I absolutely LOVE what I do (until someone makes me want to poke them with a straight pin).



I started blogging in 2006 just to keep my thoughts someplace. Somewhere around that same time, I started scrapbooking. What JOY that was. I’ve had several of my scrapbook layouts  published. It is such an exciting thing to see your work in print.  I still have a TON of scrapbook supplies even though I haven’t touched them in years. Blogging however is something I’ve continued to enjoy. Why? It’s cheaper than therapy and I’ve met some seriously amazing people!



Learning how to sew was really out of necessity. I wanted a new sofa and we couldn’t afford it so I purchased a slip clover and made some pillows. I figured hey, if I can make pillows I can make some pants and that’s exactly what I did. The rest is history.



In 2011 I gave my life to God. My entire life changed. I learned to depend on Him and not myself. It was around this time that I realized what I had was a gift. I thought I was just super talented. I had it going on. I could do anything. Negative. I realize it’s HIM that has given me the ability/talent and His Glory comes above and before any talent that I have.  He gets the glory for all the things He is doing in my life.



I started Adrienne M. Nixon, LLC.  because I was being obedient to what I know God was telling me to do.  My family and friends will tell you they KNEW that Adrienne M. Nixon, LLC was  “God’s Thing” because I never wanted to sew for A N Y O N E. I was what you would call a selfish seamstress. ONLY sewing for myself.  I liked it that way.



I love this even more.


Custom clothing is a great idea if you don’t like cookie cutter designs or if you have fitting issues (ask my clients that are 6 feet tall). Everything isn’t the same. Even if I make the exact same skirt 25 times, the fabric and the person wearing it make it different. You won’t see yourself coming in one of my designs.


There is something about making a garment for a woman. When they put on their custom garment made especially for them,  I’ve seen them transform before my very eyes.  They immediately seem to have more confidence. Their head is a little higher and their smile is so bright. THAT is why I love what I do.



Be sure to take a peek at our Look Book.  These are all items that I’ve made for myself. Check out Client Looks so you can see how my clients style their Adrienne M. Nixon, LLC items. While 80% of this business is strictly custom (meaning each design is unique to the person that’s wearing it) 20% is ready to wear. But it’s not like your ordinary ready to wear. The items in the shop are STILL made to your measurements but they are items that don’t take as long as our custom items to make but they are still unique and I’m so proud of that. You can always place an order for anything in the shop HERE.



If you are new to our site check out my 2015 year in review post. It highlights the best of each month.



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I hope you are as excited about 2016 as I am. I know God has some great things in store!